This is the photography section of our portfolio. Photography being a relatively new area of work for us, we are slowly learning the skill. Focusing mainly on landscapes and abstract art, we are just trying to give a slight look at the world through our eyes. Check out our samples below.

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March Morning

This picture was taken back in 2004. Coming out of my house one morning, I jumped back into the house and grabbed my camera. I think that the photo gives a statement of how weather effects everything but nature can always come back from natural events.
Photo Date - March 2004

A Fire's Life

A photo taken at a beach party; and what happens with a camp fire? Everyone watches the fire, because fire is life and survival ... so was Fire the first television?
Photo Date - August 2005

Another photo taken in my yard. I did some editing to the picture to show what colours and contrasts that the world can produce. I chose to highlight the flowers themselves simply to allow the Lilacs to mainly draw all of the viewers focus.
Photo Date - June 2006

This is Stone House Manor, located in Gloucestershire, England, it is linked to my family and was built in 1601. The photos were taken back in the 1970's and my late grandmother gave the photographs to my aunt several years ago. I borrowed the photos from my aunt, scanned them, and edited the four pictures to make one photograph.
Edit Date - December 2005
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