Webtech Sinister Art Design offers several services within the IT field. All our clients receive high quality, professional products; designed and developed to meet their individual needs. This is accomplished by working closely with each client, so that the we can totally understand the wanted end result. All of our services are listed below:

Website Design & Upgrades

Webtech can develop a simple, informational website to a complex, flash produced website or anything in between. Our process for designing and developing a website is very simple, by working closely with the client, we design a layout, create new or edit current graphics or logos, and construct a solid back-end system for correct site functionality. During this process we will perform a Domain name and Hosting search and registration, with the goal of finding you the best deal to meet your needs. We will also optimize and submit your website to two major search engines (Google and Yahoo), allowing your new website to be located online easily.

For a site upgrade, we will review your current website, giving you a report of our findings; then work closely with the client to design a new, more efficient, user friendly website. We can totally overhaul your current site or simply perform a few minor adjustments, bringing your site completely up to date.

Graphic Design

Webtech has the ability to design custom graphics, to make your website or business unique. With great input from each client, we can develop a graphic that will represent you, within your industry. That is our goal, to present you in a graphical form, to the world, while meeting your specific needs.

Print Media Design

Webtech will design several products within the print market. We design brochures, posters, flyers, business cards, user manuals, cd covers, menus, and more. Please contact us, so we can review your needs; what an excellent way to showcase you and your operation.

Photography & Photo Editing

Webtech has just begun to offer landscape and abstract photography to our already wide range of IT services. And of course with photos, comes photo editing, which we can do small touch up work or refinish old photos. We can take your original photo, digitize it, and re-work it, to make it look almost like the time is was taken.

Vehicle Concept Design

This is the newest area of Webtech Sinister Art Design. We take a photo or digital image of a vehicle, and we can apply custom paint jobs or graphics, adjust ride height, add new wheels & tires and small body modifications, giving you an idea of what your vehicle could look like. This service is currently offered free, please contact us with your request and hopefully we can help you out.

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